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25 Tips For A Happy Dog And An Even Happier You!

Forty-four percent of Americans own at least one dog, so almost half of our population enjoys the wonderful companionship they can bring. Dogs are an incredible addition to our daily lives and rely on us to take care of them. In return, they provide amazing amounts of joy and companionship.

But not every dog is right for every owner. Different breeds, temperaments, and personalities are as diverse as the number of dogs out there. It’s like putting together a puzzle; you have to find just the right fit to complete the picture. Forcing the wrong piece into the mix is a recipe for disaster. Families, as well as their pets, can all end up miserable if you don’t heed the pitfalls when choosing your dog.

As a result, a good amount of research and understanding is in order. This isn’t a decision you make on impulse or take lightly. You’re bringing a total stranger into your house, why wouldn’t you do your due diligence on exactly who this is? So read on. The information in the 25 following tips can serve as a tremendously valuable resource for any potential dog owner.