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25 New and Fun Things To Try In Retirement

Retirement is a point in life that everyone with a job looks forward to. Maybe you loved your job and are looking at what’s next. Or maybe it represents the end of a commute, a crummy boss, meetings, annoying co-workers, unwanted travel, dealing with changing schedules, feeling underpaid and underappreciated, late hours, missing family functions, and so much more!

Sometimes you’re so focused on what you’re moving away from, you don’t give a lot of thought to what you’re moving to. Of course you have some thoughts like, “I’ll work out more”, “I can travel”, “I’ll spend more time with the grandkids” but your thoughts don’t go much beyond that. You just know you’ll figure it out when the time comes.

As a result, when you wake up on your first day of retirement, you might find yourself a bit disoriented and unfocused. With so many things you CAN do, where do you start? Once you spend a week or so lounging about in your jammies it’s time to get going! This is your chance to finally to things JUST for you!

So here’s a list you can reference. As you’ll see, you definitely don’t have to sit in a rocking chair or blow through your nest egg. Just check off what sounds interesting to you and start at the top! Happy Retirement!